What's so special about Lakefront Homes in Odessa, Florida?

Odessa Lakefront is something you really can't put a price on. If you're consider buying lakefront property in Florida, you might consider looking in Odessa, Florida. Some of the most popular lakes in Odessa range from 15 acres all the way up to largest lake in Odessa (Lake Keystone), which is 431 acres. Most lakes in Odessa are spring fed to some degree and have a tea like color to them. There are however three lakes in Odessa that poses super clear water. I'd even venture to say that the following lakes have crystal clear water (Lake Alice, Lake Calm, Lake Osceola), similar to Homosassa Springs and Rainbow Springs. The lakes that keep their water levels best during times of little rain are those connected with either the Rocky Creek Watershed or the Brooker Creek Watershed.

History - In general, Odessa was a very remote town until recently. Going way back to the year 1888, Odessa was given its name by Russian Peter Demens, the developer of the Orange Belt Railway. In 1909 two major sawmills were built and Odessa quickly grew to 2000 residents, with 60% of the residents being employed by the sawmills. By he time 1925 came around, the lumber supply had depleted and both sawmills burned to the ground. It is believed that the fires were intentional in order to get paid out by their insurers. The population of Odessa quickly dropped to 250 residents and then a handful of new residents came to Odessa and planted Citrus. In the early 1980’s, as Tampa’s growth continued spreading outward , residence began moving to Odessa little by little.

Presently - Odessa is home to a large number of professional athletes, doctors, attorneys, and successful business owners. Odessa is the most desirable suburb of Tampa, primarily because of its close proximity to all of Tampa’s shopping malls, restaurants, and the International Airport. Everyone seems to want the rural lifestyle these days, yet they still want their urban conveniences. That’s why property owners surrounding Lake Alice in Odessa feel like they have the best of both worlds.

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